Driving for Ezy Transfers

General Information for Drivers

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Thanks for your interest/participation as a driver for Ezy Transfers.

Who are we

Ezy Transfers is a Eworld Group Limited company registered as a IBC under the BVI Business Companies Act. Currently in Australia we have 2 bases one on the Gold Coast, QLD and one in Byron Bay NSW. We operate the following brands

    • Ezy Transfers
    • Byron Bay Airport Transfers
    • Gold Coast Airport Transfers
    • Brisbane Airport Transfers (acquired in Dec 2018)

In addition Eworld owns & operates Tourist Information Centres for the following locations: Australia: Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Sydney & Melbourne. New Zealand : Auckland. Vanuatu, Samoa, Cook islands & Fiji.

How to get a job

Generally speaking jobs are advertised on the Voxer Ezy Transfers channel. If you see a job that you are interested in then please send a private message to the person that posted the job. Do not reply in the channel. If you are busy then simply press the heart button next to the message which indicates to the poster that you are interested in the job. Then when you are free send them a message.

Please note that 3rd parties also post jobs (which you can do to) so if that happens then they may have their own set of expectations. Any jobs not posted by us we are not responsible for in anyway.

Voxer Settings

We suggest that you change the notification settings to “extreme” so that you are notified every time a job is posted. Often the first person to reply gets the job. However in saying this we try to match drivers personalities to passenger personalities. So there is no guarantee that first in is first served. Please note that we strictly enforce the no replying in the jobs channel.

Allocating you a job

Once we have allocated the job to a driver then we will simply send you the job via text message. It will contain a link to the job details. Click on the link. You will need to review the details and then click either accept or decline at the bottom of the job. Please note that the sms is sent from the SMS id “EzyTransfers”. Please note that sometimes we will send a job to you without it appearing in jobs channel. This is because we believe that you are the best person for the job &/or you’re just awesome. You are under no obligation to accept the job. If you don’t want or can’t do the job just simply click decline.

Please note you have 4 hours from the time we send you the job to accept the job. If you do not do this the job will be taken from you and allocated to another driver.

Booking acceptance steps

  • Check the details of the booking and the price you will be paid.
  • If you accept the job click the green accept button located at the bottom
  • Once you have accepted the job you will be taken back to the job details and the full details of the job will appear.
  • Please note that the client & their contact details will only be shown once you accept the job. If they do not show for some reason simply refresh the page after you have accepted the job.
  • We have added a Google Calendar button so it will automatically add the job to your Google calendar. We are currently working on a button the add to the iPhone calendar.
  • Please note that we run what is called a dynamic booking system. This means that details relating to the booking can be updated at anytime. Even right up to the job start time. The form will automatically update any details that have changed. Don’t screen shot the booking details as you will miss out on any changes. You can simply refresh the screen at any time to see if there is any updated information. If there are major changes like date, time etc we will also send you a SMS notification to inform you of changes.

Looking After Passengers

When the booking is confirmed you will have all of the customers contact details. You are expected to send a message to the customer no less then 24 hours to introduce yourself. We suggest something like this “Hello Sharon. I will be your driver tonight to the Gold Coast. When you have collected your bags please send me a text message and I will pick you up from the designated picked up area. Regards Paul”. Remember people use us because they want certainty that someone will be there to meet them. So introducing yourself is important to reinforce this. The designated pick up areas will be stipulated on your booking confirmation. On the customer confirmation passengers are encouraged to reward drivers who provide excellent customer service, by way of tip. Please note that on all jobs there is a minimum requirement that you have at least 1 small bottle of water per passenger.

How you get Paid

When you register you are required to provide us with your bank details. We pay for all jobs on a Tuesday for jobs completed the week before (Monday-Sunday). If for any reason you need to be paid earlier please advise us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

At the moment it’s a 50/50 split between us paying you and you collecting payments from the passenger. So please make sure you pay extra attention to the bottom of the booking form where it will advise you what the payment instructions are and how much.


We do not deduct commission from you. The price you see on your booking form is what you will get paid.

Cancellation by Drivers

We understand that sometimes stuff happens. If you need to cancel a job for any reason please call us immediately on 0405 407 828. We will make the necessary arrangements for the customer. All jobs are covered under our licence to operate and our insurance. Under no circumstances are you give the job to someone else. If you do this you will be terminated from the system and all future bookings will be cancelled.

Cancellations by passengers

Whilst cancellations are extremely low. Finding a balance between what the customers will accept and what is fair for the drivers is important. So as a rule of thumb this is how we deal with cancellations:

  • Bookings cancelled Under 2 hours before the job start time we will pay you 20% of the total of the booking up to a maximum of $100. In addition you need to call our office and receive a cancellation code unless we have advise you of the cancellation in writing (normally via SMS).
  • Bookings cancelled between 2-1 hours before the job start time we will pay you 40% of the total of the booking up to a maximum of $100. In addition you need to call our office and receive a cancellation code unless we have advise you of the cancellation in writing (normally via SMS).
  • No Shows or cancellations under 1 hour you will be paid 60% of the total of the booking up to a maximum of $100. To receive the cancellation fee you would need follow the below instructions.

Here are the steps you must follow:

  • Call us and advise us of the issue on 0405 407 828
  • We will issue you a cancellation code which guarantees you will get paid.
  • You need to take a screen shot of you phone log to show you have tried to call the passenger
  • You need to take screen shot of you sms message showing that you have sent the passenger a message.
  • You also need to prove that you were ate the pick up point. So open up your navigation program and take a screen shot of your current location which shows the time at the top of the screen.

Once you have all of these details send them with the booking number to us and we will send you a payment advice.

Waiting time

In accordance with the terms and conditions the following waiting times apply.

If you are picking someone up from the airport the onus is on you to monitor the flights arrival time. For airport pickup jobs the start time is the flight arrival time, which can alter from time to time.

Our acceptable wait times are as follows

  • Domestic Flights – 30 minutes from the time the plane landed
  • International Flights – 1 hour from the time the plane landed

Anything over this is eligible for wait time and you can charge the customer for waiting at $1 per minute (aka $60 per hour). Please note, unless advise otherwise, this is payable by the passenger directly to you.

For non airport pickups wait time is charged at $1 per minute from the pickup time indicated on the booking confirmation for we send you. In saying this you can not charge for the first 5 minutes. If the wait time is over minutes you can charge for the whole wait time. IE 4 minutes wait time – No Charge; 6 minutes wait time $6

Dress Requirements

Your standard of dress, unless advised otherwise, is smart casual. For men this means a minimum of a collar shirt, smart jeans/pants & shoes.

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