Learn About Routes

Routes are normally used by shuttle & bus companies and consist of going from Point A to Point B. The most important thing to know about Routes is that they are very specific and do not allow for much flexibility. They are from one specific location to another specific location, with waypoints along the way if so needed. You must give the exact address for each point on the route.

An example of a Route would be a shuttle company who takes passengers from Gold Coast Airport to the Byron Bay Tourist Information Centre. If they also offer to drop off at peoples hotels then they couldn't use a route to do that part they would need to use Service Areas.

In addition if you wanted to offer transfers from Gold Coast Airport to Hotels or peoples homes in Byron bay then a route is not for you. You would need to use Service Areas. You can't just add a Suburb or town into a route as they don't work like that.

07-12-2023 09:56pm