Loading Your Vehicle(s)

There are two Vehicle Types that you can add. You can either add a Specific Vehicle or Vehicle Category. The difference between the two Vehicle Types is as follows:

Specific Vehicle

A Specific Vehicle is adding a vehicle using the vehicle information like the vehicles make & model. Generally speaking this is the best option if you are just running 1 car or this is the only one you have of this type. The downfall is this is the car the the passenger will expect when you do the transfer.

So picking up the passenger in a different vehicle to the one you have listed on here could cause you some issues. If you only rent the car then this is not a good option for you if you change it quit regularly.

Vehicle Category

A vehicle Category is a group or pool of similar vehicles that can be used for the transfer. In this case we don't offer the passenger a specific vehicle. A Vehicle Category can be something like "Mid Sized Sedan" with a description of "Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata or similar" is used to define the Vehicle Type being used. You can add multiple Vehicle Categories such as..... "Mid Sized Vehicle", "Luxury Vehicle" etc etc.

This does give you a lot more flexibility if you have multiple vehicles &/or change vehicles on a regular basis. Note that the rates for charging are specific for a Vehicle Category so therefore all vehicles in that category will charge out at the same rate.

30-11-2023 05:56am