Learn about Rate Rules

The power of Rate Rules

Rate Rules are set of conditions that need to met in order for a Rate to be charged to the customer. This gives you tremendous flexibility and power to be able to get the best rate everytime. Below is a set of Rate Rules, with a explanation and example, that you can use when you create a new rate. You can choose which rules you want to use and which ones that you don't

Days of the Week Rule

You can set which days of the week the rate applies for.

As a example; Lets say you create a rate called "Standard Rate", you can choose that this rate applies for trips on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You can then create another rate called "Standard Rate - Weekends" and charge a different rate for trips on Saturday & Sunday.

Dates the Rule Applies

This is where you can set what days in the year the rate applies for.

As a example you may which to charge a different rate during a peak season. Lets say that on New Years Eve you want to charge a higher rate you can create a rate called "New Years Eve" and set the dates as 31st December at 6:00pm until 1st January 5:00am

Time of the Day Rule

Here you can set a Rule where the rate only applies between certain times of the day.

As a example you can set a Time of the Day Rule that says that the rule only applies between 7am and 5pm. This means that any bookings where start between these 2 times will be charged at this rate. You can use this in 2 different ways. 1) To charge a different rate outside these 2 times or 2) To restrict bookings to only be available where pickup is between these 2 times.

Pickup Distance from Base Location

When you set up your vehicle you will be asked what is the Base Location of the vehicle. This rule is used to only capture bookings that are within a predefined distance from this Base Location. As a default we have set it to 100kms. You can change or delete this rule if you wish.

While this Rule can be a useful rule it comes with restrictions. For example when the Pickup Distance from Base Location is set to 100kms it sets a 100km circle radius around your base Location, with your Base Location been in the center of that circle. That means its 100kms, east, west, north & South of you Base Location.

This is okay when you Base Location is Wagga Wagga, NSW. But when your Base Location is Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast is not circle its strip down the coast line this could be an issue as you will be sent 100kms out west.

BTW you can also change your Base Location, it doesn't need to be where your office/house is it just needs to be in the middle of the area you service. If this rule doesn't really work for you change it to a Service Area Rule which is a lot more specific and felable.

Number of Passengers Rule

Here you can set the number of passengers that this rule applies to.

As a example you may have one price for upto 2 passengers and another rule that applies for 3-4 passengers. Here you can use this rule to set 2 different rates that facilitate this objective. This is particular useful if you are using Fixed Price Rates or Price per Person Rules. Using it with Price per Person Rates you offer a cheaper price per person, for example, if 3 more more people book.

07-07-2022 05:28am