Learn about Service Areas

Service Area Example 1

If you are technically minded Service Areas are GeoFenced Boundaries used to determined where you pickup and drop off passengers.

Okay for the rest of us...... Service Area's are used in our system to determine what areas on a map you service. For example you can create a Service Area that is called, for example, ABC Transfers Service Area and basically you can draw on a map showing where on that map you will pick people up from.

This stops you from getting bookings from areas that you don't want to service.

In picture called Service Area example 1 you can see an example of a Service Area called Pacific Pines. If you were set this up as your service area then you would only get bookings from passengers who wanted to be picked up in this area. The redline on the map indicates the boundaries of the Service Area.

You can change these boundaries at any time.

Service Areas can be used to restrict where you pick people up from and where you can drop people off. They do offer a large amount of flexibility.

You can create your own service area or you can copy Service Areas that have already been made from the Service Area Library with a click of a button. Once copied into your Service Area List you can then edit and modify them if you so wish.

If this is too hard for you then just simply contact us and we will create the Service Areas for you or we can provide you one on one training.

Example of when to use Service Areas

Lets say you want to offer a passengers a price of $50 to go from Gold Coast Airport to Surfers Paradise.

What you would do is create two Service Areas; one for Gold Coast Airport and one for Surfers Paradise. You would then create a rate for this and put the Pickup Service Area as Gold Coast Airport and the Drop off Service Area as Surfers Paradise. If you offer return trips too then add both of these Service Areas to you Pick Up Service Areas and both to your Drop Off Service Areas. It is as simple as that.

25-05-2022 01:28pm