Learn about Rate Types

3 Different types of Rate Types

there are 3 different types of rates; Distance + Time, Fixed Price & Price per Person. Each has there own way of calculating the rate that will be charged to the passenger.

Distance + Time

Distance + Time Rates will charge a customer based on the distance they travel and how long it will take to complete the trip. You need to set a rate per KM and a rate per minute. Most companies like Uber or taxi companies use this type of rate system to determine their rates.

Basically the further the distance and the more time the more the customer pays.

One thing to take into consideration with these rates is that at the time of the booking our system will ask Google maps was is the quickest average route. Things like traffic delays or you choosing to take a different route are not taking into consideration as we do not know these details at the time the passenger books.

Fixed Rates

Fixed Rates basically means that your customer gets charged a fixed price from going to Point A to Point B. You can set the rate for each different trip.

As a example If a customer is going from Gold Coast Airport to Surfers Paradise you could set a rate to charge $50 as a total price for this trip.

Per Person Rate

Per Person Rates are similar to Fixed Rates but just giving you the flexibility of charging a rate dependent on how many people there are. These are typically used by Bus & shuttle companies.

You can set a rate for a Adult passenger & a rate per Child passenger.

17-08-2022 08:49pm